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SIDIS allows a flexible approach to the delivery of your on-programme learning for T Levels and also links to other learning and development programmes so that learners can progress in their career journey.

T Levels

T Levels

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"Supporting students in gaining skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for their career!"


"Helping colleges use a blended eLearning approach to deliver T Levels across the UK, all in one place!"


"Capitalise on SIDIS to host a 'live' student placement and develop your recruitment pipeline!"

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SIDIS has been developed to address the challenges faced in delivering the new T Level qualification. It has become evident that there are huge changes in the way training is being delivered and SIDIS is on the pulse and the first of its kind to bring together learners, training providers and employers to address the skills gaps in the labour market.


SIDIS was created to help students develop their technical, social and employability skills, whilst having access to a complete library of courseware. All students have instant access to relevant content that is both existing and uploaded by colleges and employers across the UK, allowing everyone to work together. SIDIS is also the ‘go-to’ platform for virtual work experience, permitting students the opportunity to work remotely with employers.


SIDIS allows a flexible approach to the delivery of your on-programme learning for T Levels. Linking to other learning and development programmes ensures that learners can progress in their career journey. Our library of content is aligned to employer occupational standards, interpersonal skills, knowledge and behaviours – employers identified these as critical for the future workforce. All of your student’s progress in one place grants you a holistic view of the learner’s development. We have also designed SIDIS to host virtual work experience, giving you, the student and the employer a platform to manage the work experience placement.


Capitalise on SIDIS to host a ‘live’ student work experience placement and enhance your recruitment opportunities. This gives you the freedom to find the best talent as well as assigning your student real life projects to work on within your business. You can set students courses and modules to complete before their placement with you and then set and track their progress all on SIDIS.


SIDIS is fully customisable to your college's requirements!

Our team of developers are working night and day to ensure the best experience for providers and learners. This puts us in a great position to offer you the opportunity to add any integrations that may be specific to your college. Likewise if you have any ideas that you think would help improve the SIDIS experience please let us know! We are here to help develop your perfect learning experience.

What the Students Say!

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what the student have to say.

Working on SIDIS really helped me understand what it's like to work remotely. It developed a range of employability and technical skills that I thought I would never need.
Rio Peynaldo
Film Production
SIDIS has helped build my confidence in the work environment as I've been able to complete real tasks with an employer. So the real world of employment doesn't seem scary.
Stephanie Toomey
Creative Media
At first I was unsure if I wanted to do it but after a month of doing the work experience I really enjoyed it. Also I got to do a lot of practical activities which made it more fun for me.
Sam Buscombe
Creative Media

Our Values


You can rely on us to understand the structure of the T Level qualifications, and how these are to be delivered. You can rely on us to be forward-thinking and to deliver a 360 solution for the T Level provider, employer and student. You can rely on us for superior support, as you navigate through the biggest shake-up in post 16 education.


Education doesn't need to be a hard sell! Let's have fun and enjoy it. Team SIDIS are fun to work with, and the same is said for SIDIS Academy. The platform provides a social element and gamification, encouraging students to have some friendly competition, increasing learning
and engagement.


Technology is powerful, it's exciting and can provide endless opportunities, when used appropriately. SIDIS is proud to support organisations working to stop Cyberbullying.


We're committed to ensuring our team has the depth of knowledge needed to understand the T Level qualifications. We're committed to delivering innovative technology. We're committed to supporting you in making a change in education.


We understand not everyone learns in the same way and at the same speed. SIDIS Academy is diverse in its delivery, ensuring all learning styles are met.

Fast track your T Level roll out. Developed for UK colleges.

Easily accessible for Students, Colleges and Employers.

Send & receive emails, calendar invites, tasks & courseware.

Access real time detailed reports with all your data in one place.

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