8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider a T Level Student for an Industry Placement

There is no T Level qualification without an industry placement, but why should a business consider taking on a student? 

Most employers believe a lack of experience is the number one reason businesses turn young job applicants away, so here is eight reasons why you should reconsider and reflect on the benefits of hiring T Level students.

1. Demonstrates good company ethics

By hiring a student who’s about to leave education, it shows an employee that you believe in their abilities and are willing to invest in them. If a company shows that they support students and it’s likely that they will also show their loyalty to you, bringing an engaged workforce with good company ethics. Students and experienced personnel may also be more interested in applying for jobs with companies they know offer opportunities to the younger workforce. Strong company ethics was ranked in the top three priorities for younger applicants when looking at organisations to work for.

2. New Energy and Perspective

Young people bring energy and enthusiasm to every workplace, so even if they’re just doing entry-level tasks, it’s worth considering employing them over more experienced candidates. The fact is younger people tend to stay longer with companies because they love getting stuck in on projects and gaining experience—they want their work history to grow along with them! Employers will likely see less staff turnover among younger employees, as well as higher levels of productivity.

3. Younger Target Audience, Particularly in Media

Being a younger worker also provides an insight into a wider audience—for example, they’re more likely to have grown up with technology such as Snapchat and Instagram. That can be an advantage if a business is worried about failing to keep up with trends in social media. They’ll also be well placed to offer the business suggestions on what technology they should invest in, which could help when planning product launches or marketing campaigns.

4. Mature and Develop in Line with the Company Culture

Younger employees grow and develop in line with company culture and often possess skills that need to be taught, like responsibility and resilience. There are no guarantees with any employees, but most young employees are willing to learn and offer up an enthusiastic approach. In turn, companies should pay close attention to training because developing young talent can generate huge returns on investment. If a company is looking for innovation, then having young employees who can quickly adapt and change will help them achieve their goals.

5. Cost-Effective as a Great Recruitment Strategy

The younger workforce is less expensive, and with technology at their fingertips they’re more likely to embrace new ways of working. Peri and post qualifying students have a hunger for work experience and will not demand higher salaries, as they are eager to obtain the experience. They also bring a different outlook to industry, they are more open to changing positions, company cultures and job descriptions with relatively short notice. The bottom line is that young talent is cost effective as a great recruitment strategy for today’s business climate.

6. Grow Your Own Talent

One of the best ways to grow your talent is by hiring young employees who are still in college and training them. This gives you an opportunity to teach them how you do business, save money on experience that doesn’t even matter when they start out, and prevent other companies from stealing away your bright young talents. Start investing in younger workers today early by offering T Levels students a placement at your company, granting them the opportunity to see the workings of your business and potentially starting their long and exciting journey at your organisation.

7. No Obligation to Pay the Student

Harsh we know, but true! Work experience is a great way to see prospective employees and there is no requirement to pay work experience students. It’s a win-win situation, because if you’re an employer and you provide work experience for a young learner, it increases your chances of getting talented people joining your company at no cost to yourself. For students, then the work experience is an ideal way to gain invaluable skills and contacts for when it’s time to apply for a full-time job in future.

8. Being Part of an Exciting Journey to Success

Providing opportunities to students and prospective employees provides an exciting opportunity to have a journey to success. Many businesses see investing in training through T Levels and apprenticeships as crucial to sustaining growth and productivity over time. Students get to experience working at a company that they potentially can grow within and work at for a long and fruitful career; employers get young and fresh employees to provide alternative insights and continuation of a strong and developing business.

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