Yes. History can be imported via a CSV import. We do have an API, however, for a one-off import. We find that clients prefer the CSV option. 

You can either watch our demo videos located on our website and YouTube channel. Or you can call us on 01392 908475 for real time support. 

Yes! All content that is uploaded to the public courseware library is shared for everyone to use. This helps all learning providers deliver their T Levels at the highest possible quality for the students.

You can manage this process easily! It’s quick and simple. We offer a bulk upload feature too.

Yes, no problem. We can provide you a preview platform for 7-14 days, following a demo. 

Yes. It has an API with a selection of different web methods. 

The standard is 600MB, however, we have increased this for some Client Family Members to 1.1GB. There is no charge for this, it’s simply down to your preference. 

Yes. A calendar invite is sent upon enrolment. The LMS will also notify users of any updates and cancellations. Calendar invites are also sent to the Event Contacts (trainers) and these are all customizable. 

You can upload a new version of a course without affecting the history of the existing course, if you’d rather not add a new course. 

The LMS is web-responsive and will render to any screen size. In light of this, we’ve not had to develop an app. 

Go to your iPhone settings. Scroll down and click into ‘Safari’. Scroll down till you find ‘Block Pop-ups’ and switch off to enable courses.

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